The Artist's Suite

A new chapter begins with creation of the Metaverse. Vmotto is partnering with CSV Entertainment, and looks to join the film world with the digital world by creating a place where producers and creators can exchange utilities, and will also be launching digital collections inside the Metaverse. We first begin with our discord called The Artist's Suite. Our discord will be a place where creators can trade digital utilities and generate royalties by submitting product designs. Vmotto and CSV Entertainment will be launching an NFT project which in turn will be your "Creator Canvas".  Your NFT Canvas enables you or your artist to submit a product design to our store, which then will be advertised in our "Artist's Suite Collection".  Every time your product sells you will receive a residual percentage.  If you so choose to sell your "Creator Canvas" NFT, you will continue to earn residuals as well as generate a new line of residuals from the next artist you so sell to.  Join our discord below as we discuss WEB.3 and linking the bridge between virtual reality and the real world.